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BRANDAGRAMS: Can you find the names of popular consumer brands hidden in these phrases?

Updated: 8 hours ago

how the elite slam into pedestrians

click to go ogle dirty pictures
buy our overpriced crap please
don't you have enough lotion?
a great spot if you want to shortchange musicians
our users lack any privacy
your body shame is our profit bitch
you've given more private info to casual acquaintances
these video meetings are a zoo, man
everybody's only pretending vacuums are cool
you know we're fake
it's a bit coincidental when anybody makes money on this
we don't need our own balls
have you met anyone who uses our new name?
as finely tuned as an oboe in G
dad, my toy has broken again
bananas carnage on the racetrack
who else lets you sell junk you made?
when cost containment is more important than your pride
trucks stuffed excessively with impulse purchases
you bet I'd eat the pods
hope you like foreign chemicals
sorry your fragile package is upside down
I'd rather chomp an eraser
it's the only coverage I could afford
maybe you'll be reunited with your luggage
exorbitant interest fees on every purchase
unfiltered bull about caffeine's benefits
our service reps are telecom castoffs

it's hell trying to justify these gas prices

how many times can I read articles before I have to pay?

boring apparel for lazy shoppers
for best results avoid our business tips
your bank for illicit investments
we're in every podunk in America
pretend to ride a bike to Tupelo tonight

this nonsense copyright Ⓒ2o24 Don Steinberg

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