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CEREAL #1: "Pour Some Sugar On Me" (print)

  • The animated characters from cereal boxes really exist in their own world and can communicate with us! Tracey Colorado has felt that strange connection ever since she was a kid, confiding with Betty Confetty while munching Betty Confetty cereal. Tracey became an ace cereal scientist, and she hoped to shake things up working at global cereal giant InGrain -- until things went very wrong there. Now she's on her own, working to make InGrain regret the way they treated her.

    In Issue #1, there's an assassination attempt on Doodad the Clown! Tracey perceives the danger in cartoon world, but she isn't sure what's happening!  Tracey meets lab assistant Athena and explains her indie granola business. And the ruthless InGrain executives get crushing news from the buyers at megastore chain ZeroMart that may lead to desperate measures. There are mysteries to solve, battles ahead, and vengeance to be sought. 

    artist:  Richard A. Harrington
    writer: Donnie Steinberg

    ADVISORY: Silly rabbit, CEREAL isn't for kids. It contains adult language...and business meetings. 

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