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The Mueller Report (Taylor's Version) and other new recordings

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

In 2021, Taylor Swift captured lightning by re-interpreting two of her previously released albums, sending Fearless (Taylor's Version) and Red (Taylor's Version) to the top of the charts. There's more to come, but Taylor Swift has never been limited by genre. In coming months, fans can expect Taylor's Versions that bring her older, wiser perspective to a far broader range of previously released material. Here's an exclusive MEANWHILE preview:

The Mueller Report (Taylor’s Version)

You boast

There was no collusion

And no

Russia-backed intrusion

I know

you’re lying when your lips are movin’

please please

let me

clear up the confusion

The Russian government perceived

it would love to have a Trump presidency.

So they utilized a cyber infiltration operation

To game the campaign

with stolen information.

You want

full exoneration

Here’s your


Was there

any violation?

Let me share a direct quotation:

“Russia, if you’re listening

I hope you find the 30,000 emails that are missing”

Though I found no criminal conspiracy

Can you tell me now whatever did you mean?

The Centers for Disease Control Omicron Guidelines (Taylor’s version)

You're making moves like a germ on a Jet Ski

Putting up numbers like a virulent Gretzky

Airborne like my old scarf

blowin’ in the breeze, breeze

You want me to catch you

But forgot to say please, please

Omicron, omicron

You broke my broken heart

We thought it was all over

Now we’re right back to the start

Omicron, omigod

You selfish variation

I think I am immune to you

I got the vaccination

I started getting cocky

I was letting down my guard again

Making myself comfy like an old familiar cardigan

But here we go again, again, in all those awkward places

Standing far apart, covering up our guilty faces

Omicron, oh, omicron

Why are you so mean?

I think I am immune to you

I got the vaccine

Omicron, omicron

I wish we never met

I thought it was behind us

but we’re so not over yet.

Squid Game (Taylor’s Version)

I’m playing in your childish little games, games, games

And you’re calling me a number not a name, name, name

You were offering a prize to get me in, in, in

But the dice are loaded no one really wins, wins, wins

Red light, green light

We came here to play

All I wanna do now

is get away

Hopscotch, marbles

deadly tug-of-war

Can anyone remember

what the prize is for?

You’re like the guy with a polygon face, face

Gunning losers down all over the place, place

Spraying bullets into crowds

like a mean street sweeper

Marshaling your army

of those scary pink beekeepers

I don’t care if I’m eliminated

I just want to forget we ever dated

Someday boy you’ll admit what you did, did

Kept me waiting but I never saw a squid, squid

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