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Grab your spoon! 

Rebellious indie food scientist Tracey Colorado is nearing a discovery that could transform the breakfast cereal industry. But she questions her own sanity when she starts receiving desperate pleas for help from the animated characters of cereal commercials. Doodad the Clown, Betty Confetty, Captain Withaspoon and other beloved characters are being stalked in a series of violent attacks!  Is a cereal killer loose?


The characters must cross over to the real world to bring Tracey the missing piece of her research – a game-changing innovation that could end the cartoon carnage! It’s also a billion dollar breakthrough that can help Tracey exact revenge on InGrain, the cereal corporation that crushed her dreams when she worked there. InGrain’s cutthroat execs will stop at nothing to sabotage their former employee!


CEREAL is a mindbending story about a hero grinding past her setbacks and anger…to seek redemption on her own terms. Part murder mystery, part corporate thriller…mixing science and fantasy…it’s a must for anyone who loves a page-turning story and a crunchy bowl of cereal!